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Its been a while since i posted. but then i havent really been to active. my wife doesnt know i still plan to leave her. she thinks were going to see a marrige counsoler to work on things. i plan to use it as a way to tell her how much i dont want to be with her.

i have a major crush on a female co worker her bf is a douche and im pretty sure she likes me too. once i leave my wife its game on.

I dont know what im gonna do about my kids though. i dont want to stay just because of them but i dont want to put them through hell either.

i wish my wife was cheatin on me so i could just leave guilt free.

i really dont llike her right now. she spends all day on her dam phone and if im on mine for more than five minutes she starts asking annoying questions. who u talking to? what r u doing?  i hate this bitch so much right now.

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