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Hell all over again

1. I just ended things with my boyfriend for good.. I wish it woulda ended on better terms but if we stayed friends we woulda just got back together n went thru hell all over again.
2. I wish I never tld him bout the miscarriage, I think if I kept it to myself we might still be together.
3. I used to think bout killin myself, I dnt anymore. I'm just gonna get the hell outta town n start over as soon as I can. I'm gonna do somethin with my life n prove eveybody wrong.
4. Even tho things r over between us I still kinda wanna have sex with him cuz I mean let's face the facts, I'm kind of a freak but it takes me a really long time to get close to somebody like tht. But I dnt think he'll do it..
5. I still wanna have his baby, but I kno I'm way too young n he wants nothin to do with me anyways...

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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