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I don't.

1. When i was a child i was obsessed with sex.
2. I used to watch porn all the time and my friends and i would pretend we were having sex with pillows.
3. I would pretend that my stuffed animals were raping me because i thought that was sexy.
4. When i was in middle school i started sticking sticks into myself, like the ends of brooms, plungers, toilet bowl cleaners. I saw blood once, so i'm pretty sure i broke my own hymen.
5. One time i put catfood on my nipples and let my cat lick it off.  I think i'm disgusting.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

[This post, especially in regards to the obvious amount of shame that you feel attached to these secrets, makes me wonder if you were sexually abused as a young child. Whether you were or not, try to have empathy for yourself -- everyone grows into their adult sexuality in a different way and it is confusing and weird for all of us. I don't have a category on the site for people who have engaged in sexual activity of some type with an animal, but I will tell you that there are plenty of people who have posted about it. Last night I was watching an old episode of Family Guy and there was a joke on it about Brian, the dog, being willing to lick peanut butter off of "anything." Those jokes exist for a reason. People don't talk about this stuff "IRL" but it happens and it's probably more common than anyone would ever guess. Don't beat yourself up.

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