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So this is how random babies happen...

o1.i love my boyfriend/fiance to death,I live with him but sometimes he's
such an asshole when he gets mad he gets really tempermental,he's insecure and
Immature,he's the type to throw tantrums throw stuff,slam stuff,when he's mad
I get irritated about it & don't really enjoy being with him at those times ; it makes
me want to fu*k other guys and be like HA,in your face,which in actuality is cool with me because he checks out girls and what not and tells me about it -_-.

o2.Last night I slept with one of my friends from highschool ; we graduated in 2008
he kept bugging me to come over,he's really hot for a white guy one thing lead to another and we ended up in the sack ; he was amaziiiiinnng O_o i don't regret it at all because I really wanted it,I mean getting the same di*k all the time does get kind of boring ; I mean damn if my boyfriend is an asshole should I really feel super guilty?

o3.haha my ex in Carson is 39ish ; he's still hitting me up to come over,he doesn't look his age but his sex is good to,but in the end I just like to string him along without actually meeting up with him,its funny teasing him because we had sex when I was 17,yikes he ate my pu*sy good. mom is the biggest pain in the ass known to mind -_- she will not get off my back and I don't even live with her,I'm an adult she acts ridiculous really.

o5.I want a baby from my boyfriend of course,something that came together from our love :]

Sexual Orientation: straight

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