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Oddly intriguing

1. In high school I used to steal from both random people and very good friends of mine. I also vandalized and stole from the church. I never admitted it and still feel guilty.

2. A male co-worker has developed a crush on me. As we got to know each other i developed feelings for him and was ready to start dating him. Then he revealed to me that he is married. We still text all the time and get high together at work. We want to sleep together and have an opportunity to soon, if we decide to. But if i do, i'll hate myself.

3. Tits turn me on. Sometimes enough to start a steamy masturbation session.

4. I've been fooling around with a guy 8 years younger than me who is under 18. Even though it is illegal he is damn hot.

5. At the end of high school my very best friend and i started secretly having sex. The relationship deepened before he started dating this girl who was the total opposite of me. A few months later he completely stopped speaking to me and i cried myself to sleep each night of my senior year. They are still together five years later and i still haven't talked to him. I've never talked to anyone about the pain.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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