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Isn't it ironic

I'm 44 years old but I never tell anyone. I Lie about my age and date men 10 to 15 years younger then me.

I Am still in love with the man I loved 25 years ago . I Haven't honestly loved anyone since, but I lie and say I do

I Was with someone else who beat me at the time. But I was afraid to leave him because I was afraid to be hungry or poor.

I Hoped my now 25 year old daughter would have been his and told him I thought she was but she wasn't.

I Was having sex with him when I went into labor with mt daughter that wasn't his.

After I left him he married someone with my name and named his daughter after mine and my daughters middle name . I Lied and said he raped me because my husband said he would kill me if I didn't I recanted and he forgave me. I Still left him again.I Feel like if I don't find him one more time my life will never be worth anything. Even if he is married. I hope he is alive.he Spent time in prison because his wife who is now dead lied and said he raped her. And He found out his father wasn't his real farther too. Ironic huh

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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