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One way or another

I fucked a girl because she called me a fag. I told her to let me show her just how much of a fag I am and fucked her right in the ass like one of my boyfriends. Little bitch!

I stole the bitches money out of her purse too. Call me a fag again bitch! Haha!

I actually used to like girls. I got high as a kite at a party and ended up with a dick up my ass and a camera in my face. Mothafuckas tryin to blackmail me and shit! I ain't got no one to be ashamed of me. All you did is make me sure. Now I'm homo.

I want to do porn. Some gay ass, dick ridin, cock suckin porn! Shit I'm already on tape. Might as well get paid for it! Some shit for some closet homos to jackoff their meat to. Lol

I read some shit about dudes wanting to get fucked by their wives with dildos. The wives were like is my man gay? Bitch! You better give that mothafucka what he's asking for before he come and finds somebody like me to tear that married ass up. I already done fucked like 3 married dudes because wifey don't do freaky.

Ps: Sorry about all the cussing. That's just me. I'm crazy as hell! Lol!

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: gay

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