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Sometimes you can't forgive and forget

1. When I see people still so in love after many years, it makes me wonder where I went wrong. I don't believe I married my soul mate. There is jealousy there, but also a lot of sadness to think about what I'm missing out on.
2. I lost myself when my dad died.
3. I've been hurt by the people closest to me, who had all my trust and dedication. I don't have a lot of really close friends, but in the end they all end up betraying me, then trying to come back to apologize. It's not that easy to forgive someone that destroyed trust, and did the opposite of what they used to stand for.
4. Sometimes I think I would be better off alone. No one to disappoint me. No one to be responsible for.
5. I often wonder if my marriage will last. Will I be another statistic? Will I ever be as happy as I can be?

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. Secret one, four and five....are sentiments I could have wrote myself. Start formulating a plan to get yourself out of your marriage if you are truly miserable. Make sure you don't feel this way five years from now. You will have to go through some tough times but you won't regret it. Best of luck.


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