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1) I posted hate the hate, so here i am again with more bullshit. I hate the man that im in love with because hes a fuckin pervert. All he thinks about is woman and porn and it makes me sick to my fuckin stomach. I have good pussy and im very pretty, smart and extremely attractive. Im on the verge of leaving him because I cant be with a so called man like that. I need the true definition of a man. Hes definetly not it. One more thing, I have so many fine ass niggas on my shit and females too.                            
2) I sometimes wish he were dead.
3) My life has fell to shambles since we have been together. Hes physically abusive.
4) I wish I could find someone who truly loves me and not just for my looks.
5) I want my life back....Sincerely SOS...

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. Your first step - get out of your relationship now. There is nothing good that will come out of a physically abusive relationship. Next step - work on yourself. Get your life back before you start looking for love again. Have respect and love for yourself and your body. That guy is out there. Don't settle for less. You'll get there. You sound like a strong woman.


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