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There is love after divorce and children

I care about my husband alot....he is my true love but I can't handle his excuses about not having a job...especially after I work a eleven hour shift....

He says after he finishes school then he'll get a job but I'm expected to work and finish school....I this its his way of using me

He left me once and now it seems its all I ever think about ...everyone tells me I'm too good for him but how do u leave someone u truly love

I sometimes think of cheating on him because he doesn't give me what I need....I feel hopeless and worthless ....what kind of man wants a girl that's already been married and has a child

I just Want to be happy and I don't know what to do plz help

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. A lot of men base their self worth on what they do. Maybe because he's going to school, he sees other jobs not in his field as beneath him. You guys need to have a talk about a lot of things including balance of responsibilities and needs. He needs to be a man and start to contribute to your household. And I'm sure there are lots of men who will go out with you..but that's not really what you want. Work on your marriage. You guys are just going through a rough patch. Stay positive.


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