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Some things really do last forever

1. I'm using this 1man for money lots of it couple hundred a day with money drugs food ect. I try to act Like I like him I just like the money.
2. I want to fuck the sh*t out of my exboyfriend he dah the best dick that I have had in a while,  can't tell the dude imm fuckin now he will cry like a girl.
3. My family ain't worth shit sum of them deserve to just die why be the most hatiful an shit person you can be. Mothers shouldn't hoe out there kids but the do its a shame.
4. I got so trashed last nite I was wit this dude he said that we had sex I don't remember nothing I even woke up with my pants on. It had to be little an fast cause lol I don't remember.
5. I never told my exboyfriend that I had herpie we had sex with out a condum for years now I wish I gave it to him. He hasn't had a check up in years. I wish he would call me an say I have this shit an I would say next time use condum I told you from day 1 in your face there no more love their.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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