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Turkey day dumping

1) I don't want him but I am so scared to let him go. Mostly because I am scared of the things he will do to try to ruin my life when I do let him go.
2) I am so tired of his daughter it's not even funny. She is a spoiled ass brat yet I never say a word. He lets her do anything she wants to do however when my child does the same things he gets in trouble. Its so NOT fair.
3) We have already tried this thing before and it's never going to work out. I try to avoid him and piss him off so he will just leave me alone but it's not working.
4) I am so scared to say anything to this guy because I never know when he is going to turn on me. Although he has never hit me before I have seen him break ALOT of stuff and I never know when he's gonna get tired of breaking stuff and break me. 3 days ago he shoved through a whole wall in his house so he has a body sized hole that you can see through to the next room. It's crazy.
5) I have to do this. Although tomorrow is Thanksgiving and also my birthday I have to let this guy go. I guess if I tell him to fuck off on Thanksgiving he won't forget when it was that we broke up. LOL.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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