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Ugly jokes? Seriously?

1. I cheated on my boyfriend, 3 times & only told him about the first one. The two other times, I was almost fucked . So I could never tell him, he would be hurt sooo bad.
2. I have such low confidence, cause my dad contantly says I'm ugly, sometimes its unbareable to hear that shit come from yur father. & my boyfriend with his ugly jokes about me don't help.
3. Everyday when I look in the mirror I wanna break it, that's how much I hate myself.
4. I'm going to PA with my best friend, too see her boyfriend in all honesty? I don't wanna go, I wanna see my boyfriend. I'm acutally thinking about faking sick or something too get out of it.
5. Part of me hates my bestfriend, she has a lot going for her & I can't help but feel major jealousy around her. She has everything, clothes, money, family, & her mom is amazing.

Bonus; I've been talking to my ex the entire time I've been dating my boyfriend, I want my exs dick inside of me. & I want my boyfriends. But ill see my ex before my boyfriend....

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

[Your boyfriend should make you feel beautiful or he doesn't deserve to be your boyfriend. I'm just sayin'.

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