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We're all fools, at least you're in love

I have written on here times before but none as serious as this. I allowed my love to fall in love with another man. Now no matter how many times I find out about there trips to see one another I can't see myself with another women.. its like she has a hold on my heart. They live in different states but make it possible to sneak away to each other. They make plans to move with each other

We hadn't had sex in 18 weeks and she flew to atl and slept with him.

I contemplate doing someone that would ease my mind and upset het but then I think that maybe I deserved all this for the things I have done in the past so instead I just JAG off to porn movies.

I know I still love her but I also know that she loves someone else so at times I want to move on and have great options to move on too but I don't think that I would love anyone like I love her.

I have a few girls that would give me anything that I asked them for but instead I say no. I think I'm stupid for trying to stick through this. but I'm a fool in love

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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