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52 secrets

I met a couple I would deliver food frequently and caught the wife one time with some1 else when I delivered to their place (she had clothes on but it was obvious).soon after she gave me a talk about i shouldnt tell her bf cuz she loved him n they have been together for a long time n blah blah blah...i just smiled n told her not to worry.soon after she would give me better tip.i didnt ask 4 anything but i didntt mind accepting "hush money".

I conveniently arrive late to some deliveries cuz i know they r stingy.

there was another delivery guy who got arrested cuz he had sex with an underage girl.he wound up in jail n since he was illegal got deported.

if i had a dollar for every secret i heard i'd have $52.

Once, i backed up into the drivers mirror. I was shock cuz i destroyed that mirror and left a very noticeable dent I looked around to see if there was any1. there wasnt and i left. sorry man

Gender: n/a
Sexual Orientation: n/a

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