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One woman man

K, I just want to say thanks for the website. You truly did help a lot of people. :)

- 1. I have this feeling inside me. The only way to describe it is a heart filled with love. I want to love one woman for the rest of my life soooo much! I want to find that one woman right now so that I don't waste time looking for her. No one knows the way I feel. :/ and no one will understand.

- 2. At work, my co-workers/friends pick on me a lot because I am funny and very accident prone. I sometimes drive them crazy with my sarcasim. It is my way to... get back at them in a nice way. Lol. They don't know I mess with their heads.

- 3. I think one of my friends that works with me is gay. He asked if I had abs. He was asking in hopes I would show him. We were alone. I didn't do it but now I'm not going to hang out with him alone. Other people have that feeling he is gay too. I have nothing against gays, I just feel uneasy when they flirt and stuff with me.

- 4. My ribs look different then any other guys. They sorta stick out. It's not bad looking, it just looks different. It has ruined me. I was born with this. I hear that some other guys get it too. But no one knows that it is my weakness. I wish this upon no one. I am very muscular and not fat at all, the muscles is what keeps me sane. :/

- 5. I am to become a co-owner with my dad's company. It will make me about $600 a day if not more. The only reason I'm doing this is for my future wife and kids. By the way, I'm only 18. :/ if you wish to respond about my secrets.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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