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I'm off to an exotic place for the holidays,its suppose to b pleasure but I uave a secret agenda that makes it business.its a secret that ill take 2 the grave

I spoke to my sister about her depression n had the courage to show her my her n i share a secret

I was upset wen she told she had sex. she is only 15,y r kids compelled to get in a relationship so desperately? WHY?! I'm not mad at her she is in control but I told her 2 talk to me is she needs help or advice.

Bonuses r stupid,there I said them for another time ...that's not a secret tho...I enjoy checking out guys.I'm straight,but something draws me to their body.FYI I check out ladies as well which has caused a few awkward stares.

If I ever met K,I feel like I would have to tell her my secrets.idk y but its Like she could b a  succubus! Happy holidays.I hope to b back to catch up on all the secrets.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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