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Using someone is not the same as liking them

I want to start off by saying K is amazing and I absolutely adore this site your a genius for it creating it!!

Okay 1.. I'm the kind of girl who paints a smile on her face laughs all the time just soo people don't see me upset.

2.. I don't let people see me cry only one of my friends had seen my cry and it wad because she came outside when I was crying about stuff my brother had said. I wad taught by my step dad that if you cry your weak and people will think of you as weak

3.. I know nothing about my biological father and I think about it everyday I was told by my Gma that I have to tell my mom who I'm dating and who their father is because I probably have a lot of brothers and sisters (I think it would be cool to become best friends with some one and later find out they are my brother or sister)

4.. I'm extremely self conshas (I can't spell) about my how much I waigh I'm tinyish around my waist my curves come and go but my thighs and legs just get bigger

5.. I have a boyfriend we've been on and off for a couple months I've told him I loved him but never really ment it

..bonus.. I'm always in trouble at school I take the blame for so much its pathetic idk why I do it I guess its because I want pople to like me...

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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