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Bi is a legitimate sexuality

1. i am dating an amazing guy but i think i might be gay. i have been with guys and girls before and i am an out bisexual but now i am finally starting figure it out. i can't decide if its worth it to give him up.

2. i can't tell if i actually want to get back together with my ex, or if i am just scared she is the only girl i will be able to find. its not that i am not confident...i just dont know any girls that are not straight.

3. my ex's new gf is really crazy and i pretend like its just amusing to watch the girl flip out, but i am really worried about my ex. the relationship is so unhealthy its ridiculous but i can't be the one to say something. i hope someone does.

4. i dont think i can handle all the responsibilities that people trust me to do. i don't know why they are so eager to rely on me.

5. i have posted on here before. someone recognized it and said something to me but i lied and denied it. i just didn't want her to worry about the things i had said. i wonder if she believed me or just didn't care enough to push further.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: n/a

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