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Fashion shows chick flicks and shopping, oh my

First... I just wanna ask... did anybody notice that "gay ass high-school" and "three husbands are better than one" were pretty much the same post? I may be wrong but it sure as hell seemed like it:) lol don't worry K... I won't hold it against you... I love you too much for making this website:)

1... I once had my friend buy me a dildo...7.5" .. this is because a had just had sex with my best friend and his cock was 8.5" ... it was amazing... he was my first and we did it for almost an hour... but his girlfriend kept txting him so it killed the mood... he didn't cum and neither did I :( when we were putting our clothes back on I could barely stand... my legs were so wobbly... lol. Anyways... after that jacking off was never the same.. I just had to have something in my ass in order to cum...

2... I had a crush on one of my co workers... he was so cute... then he started to go to the gym and got really hot... muscles all over... I would flirt with him openly cuz I flirt with everyone... boy or girl:) well he was married and had a kid so my chances with him seemed like the turtles chances of beating the  hare... well one day he admitted to me that he was bi and that he had a little thing going for me... I didn't think anything would happen cuz he always talked about how much he loved his family... well... I went to a party and then he shows up and says his wife and kid were away done was gonna party... we decided to go to my boyfriends house to drink over there( the hosts of the party tagged along cuz I told them my bf had a vaporizor)  my boyfriend was cool with it cuz he thought all of them were straight... he didn't know the married one was bi... we got more drunk and the two hosts got high.. then the bi one kissed me and my boyfriend got mad and broke up with me:( well when we got in my car the other two guys were smoking a couple of cigarettes... while the bi guy and I got in the car... he was in the back seat and asked me to climb back there and let one of the other guys drive... we kissed and then the guys got back we went back to the party... he and I stayed in the car and I gave him head:)

3... one of my coworkers tried to ask me if I was gay... but tried to do it discreetly and without offending me... so he decides to ask "dont get mad or anything, but are you..... bi?" I looked at him and with a serious face I said... "no... I'm not bi..." at this point his face got cherry red... then I said, "on gay" and started laughing cuz he tried to not to offend me... I told him I didn't mind him knowing cuz don't try to hide it at all... but that I didn't want him to change towards me cuz he knew ... it took him a while but now he is back to being the same as he was before...

4... I like to have straight male friends more than gay male friends... in fact I've only had one gay friend.... but our friendship ended sooner than I would have liked.. we never went out and my feelings for him never felt like anything more than that... but his boyfriends didn't like me... well most of the gay guys at school didn't like me... I think they felt threatened by me.. maybe cuz I'm confident, good looking, not afraid to say what's on my mind... and most of all... a huge flirt:) so gay guys and I never quite got along... unless of course they were single... but I'm picky so not many of them made my friends list...besides that... we rarely had the same interests... I like video games great  movies and partying... and most of them like fashion shows chick flicks and shopping...

5...  I have only called two ppl my boyfriend.. but never had sex with either of them. With the first one... the most we did was kiss... the second one went further... we gave each other head but never went all the way. I had sex with my straight best friend after I broke up with my first boyfriend and before I went out with the second... after the second bf broke up with me, I kinda lost interest in relationships...

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: gay

[Hey there --

My bad, I totally missed that. I had like 35 posts waiting for me when I got back from vacation, and I actually think there may have been a few more where people repeat posted :) My brain was so fried from posting so many at once that I just didn't care enough to go back and figure out if I was imagining things. Good to know someone's paying attention ;)

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