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Gay ass high school

•I have a crazy crush on my teacher. I once watcheaHem adult film(lol) including a teacher and pictured it to be him;) He just got married and it broke my heart. He doesn't even know how much I like him. Just picture Matthew fox and god. Enough said? I think so.
•I am in love with my one of my best friends. But I know nothing will ever happen between us. Which is pretty lame. I need to be more outgoing and careless. Wait does that count as my third? Nahhh
•on my 16th birthday I got totaled and me and my best friend gave my friend from kindergarten a blow job... At the same time. And it just got worst from there. As in sexual shot with my best friend -___-
•I am still a virgin and that makes me feel ugly. I just want to get rid of it with no fucking strings attached. And I don't care about everyone saying it's something special and it should count... No I don't care, I just wanna get drunk and blame that on everything ;)
•I'm really shy ever since I came to gay ass high school and I need to be myself more.  

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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