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Glad you're feeling a little better

1. I sent 5 secrets in before when I was at my lowest. emotionally. and like a week later I got a message from K. And it really made me drop a few tears but it made me happy and a lot stronger. So thank you K. For that email.

2. Everyone thinks I'm doing so good now because I have a great job. and everyones so proud of me. but I feel like I  still don't have shit. I want more and I'm going to get more. I promise that.

3. I wish I was fucking more females. I'm talking like a diffrent female a week. Or at least about 3 fine females that I can fuck whenever I want.

4. I'm a chubby chaser. but that's because the skinny females run from the dick because they can't take it all. when the bigger girls can take it all and are easier to fuck with NSA.

5.I'm so emotionally attached to my ex girlfirend and I wish I wasn't. As much as I wish we could just be friends I don't know if that could happen with us. I still love her too much. But I think I'm starting to get over her.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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