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1. I think I'm bisexual
2. I watched my mom sleep with men when I was little and started touching girls in first grade. I never told anyone though cause I was little. I even did things with my stepsister when we were both little. I hope she doesn't remember but she prolly does.
3. I have shut memories out since I was little and my mind is like programmed now to never think. Ex. The stuff with my sister I've thought about a couple times but can't remember any details cuz I put things out of my head for so long
4. I lost my virginity to a random guy in nagshead and then for my second time was the next.night with a.different guy. It was two month until my sixteen birthday and first time away from my parents on a vacation with my friends family. I was scared of losing my virginity but I let it happen. However the entire weekend I only got four hours of sleep in 4 days plus being in the sun and heat I wasn't in my right mind.
5. I have been masturbating since I was five so after sleeping with 30 plus guys no more than one ever got me off until the guy I'm with and he makes me squirt like crazy...once on a fuck streak I slept with three different johns in a week.
Oh and I also fucked a.set of twins one night. I use to not respect myself and did a lot of things in the past that I look baxk on in disgust

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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