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Halfway through the closet door

First off K Happy Holidays :)

1. I'm so fucking horny right now.  I came over here to get some shit done with this dumb bitch, by the way she my best friends gf and she falls asleep...I'm not down with fucking people while they sleep...don't act like y'all haven't done it I've woken up to numerous blowjobs from guys and girls...the hardest thing is acting like u went back to sleep lol.

2.  This guy at work is so fucking sexy, he reminds me of myself...I wanna know so bad if he's bi or gay, I think we play the same games with each other lol interesting, but how the fuck do I find out without making shit weird...I don't wanna ask and I've dropped plenty of fuckin hints for him to ask me...I feel like he feels the sameway.

3.  Well my plan B just texted me...its a guy so what they give better head than girls anyways.

4.  Straight guys are so fucking curious....I'm a dl(downlow) bisexual but my straight friends always want me to rate them and shit...then the guy I put in last place acts like he doesn't care cuz he ain't gay lol motherfucker u care the most.

5.  Ya know I really don't know I'm about to jack off and cum on my friends steps...get in my car smoke a cig, go let this guy suck my dick.  Maybe ill fuck him but I doubt it.  Then I'm going to giant getting a fucking italian sub, smoking a blunt and going to bed..

Bonus...I lie about wanting to find love, but I can't trust anyone...its gonna fuck me over so bad one day.....I just need to come out and let everyone know I'm bi...I think that's why I'm so depressed sometimes....I can live my life like this but its gonna come at a price...I will never love...only hate those people that made me not wanna trust anyone....BUT HONESTLY CAN YOU TRUST ANYONE FUCKING ONE?

K hello there're the shit but u already know that....I'm curious to know if anyone u know knows u do this, but also will u always stay anonomyous....I think u should....the less they know the better....

[Hi There--

Most people who know me find out about Five Secrets sooner or later, I'm very open about it. Those who know already usually do the telling for me though, I'm not so into self promotion...

As far as anonymity, I seem anonymous to a lot of people who read Five Secrets via the apps, especially those who haven't been around for very long, but I actually have a FAQ on the main site ( and several links that make me quite a bit less than anonymous. So for those of you who are curious about the mysterious K, just check out the web site. I agree that people don't need to know a ton of crap about me and the site isn't about me anyway, so I keep it to a minimum.

Happy holidays to you (and the rest of you!) too.


Gender: n/a
Sexual Orientation: n/a

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