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Not into package deals

1. Wish my gf would be wilder on bed and be willing to go down on me. I wish  she wouldn't be so scared of it. We have had sex many many time and she loves me inside her but she didn't seem to like to play with it.

2. I wish she would like woman a little. My biggest fanticy is a threesome. She isn't though and that is prob my biggest temptation to cheat.

3. I'm currently in the military and  masturbate 3 times a day to  naked pictures of my gf.

4. I wish my girl would talk dirty, but I think that will come with time. I took her virginity and she was super inexperienced before me but she us coming into her own.

5. I'm really hate her mom for controling her like she does. She is 22,  owns her own car, pays her own gas and insurance, and still heer mom is charging her rent, for using the water, and to use the internet. Plus she has imposed a 10 pm bed time for her. I'm trying to get her to move out but she keeps putting it off. I don't know how much more I could take before I call it quits. I'm not dating her mom too! We are serious to the point of me thinking about asking her to marry me,  and that is why it kills me to think about breaking up with her, but if she can't live her own life, I can't  force it. I want to help but my hands are tied.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. I can relate in a big way. I was just like your gf scard to try things, didn't like to play with it(because my bf was my first and only everything), didn't talk dirty cause it wasn't nice and I didn't know how(that ones a work in progress for me) . And you just like my bf from the sound of it, in military, very horny, hated that my mom controled me, and wanted marry me after about 6months together. I moved in With him, he gave me ,a promise ring at the same time was cheating on me and filling my head with thoughts of marriage. I found out and left him. Got back together with him and since have been on and off because he cheats and lies about it, I leave, and then I take him back. I can only hope your intentions with your loved one are good ones and you'd not do the same thing my bf has done.

    The good news is after I moved out my relationship with my mom was better then it had ever been, but that was after months of mending it before it got really great.

    Only thing is it sounds like you'd gf mom has a huge hold over your gf, its a hard hold to break, but once broke she is free. And remember family is important, so don't let her sever her ties with hers because you want her out from underneath her mom. be careful how you go about that.

    and if it doesn't happen soon....your gf not getting out from her mom and you don't deal with that and you feel this girl is the one it is sad to think you'd let this issue stand in the
    way of your soul mate. my bf said the same thing that my mom would kill us cause of alil the added stress. I told him we could handle anything thrown our way. Learn from our mistakes, don't make the same ones. If you have questions. Feel free to ask and ill respond if I can.
    Yours truly,


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