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Hermit crab

1. my mom makes me feel like absolute shit. i do so much here but its never enough. i dont bother to argue anymore just so i can have an easier life. im 21 and she goes apeshit if im out later than 10pm even though she always knows where i am and i pretty much have to beg anyway to go out.
2. i met this amazing guy but because of how shitty ive been treated in the past im scared he'll do the same.
3. i also like another guy and he likes me. but because he lives really far away he cant make me really happy and vice versa.
4. i feel so trapped and unhappy in my life right now. im scared of doing the littlest thing differently cos i dont want anymore upset in my life.
5. i'm very..very tired. i want to be able to breathe without anyone passing judgement.

*bonus* im always paranoid of what i do when im out cos im scared someone who knows my family will see me. my family has made me completely paranoid and scared to do anything. i feel like im in a shell.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: other

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