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In need of hobby

A.Im very unhappy, everybody thinks im bored, but their all wrong im tired of it all.
B. i have no social life, i know tons of ppl yet dont have close friends. i seen a therapist once who told me i make it hard for ppl to relate by always trying to seem perfect, but i dont. cant help it if i like nice things and have goals. Im kinda sacrcastic tho...
C.Dying would be easier than living in a continous rut, im afraid ill die ealry in life but secretly hoping for it, if this is life...I Quit!
D.My bf is depresing me, we live together and all he does is work and sleep. LOL he's sleep next to me now...
E.Im so tired, tired of aeting, going to class, watching movies, calling home, i need a hobby...
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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