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Insanity is normal for everyone

my sister is in the hospital. she is suffering from Depression and the doc told my mom that she had to stay there cause she cut herself along her arm.i want to help her and talk to her but she shuts herself in and lets a few ppl dinner my moms mentioned that only some1 who had dealt with it can understand wa my sister is going through...i stayed quiEt the whole time.if i want to save her i should show her my scars which i have kept hidden from my family.

I had a submission of secrets rejected, K. Im actually proud of that tho i dont understand what i did wrong. did i repeat? im sure i clicked on submit cause i saw that white screen but i did do the mistake of clicking back.I was the 1 wit the secrets of helping a dad n his kids something about me being crazy n watching da world explode :) ill re-submit but only if u (K) didnt get it.

each day closer to every new year i feel like the universe is breaking us all down. the reason being is cause i have lost all Faith in humanity.there is a few good ppl left in this world but they r da minority, to many corrupted men have left earth scared. its ok our extinction event is coming soon.

im finally beginning to lose my grip on reality. i took too much acid and shrooms 1 day more then a year ago n i never fully recovered. i have begun to feel more paranoid (then normal) and feel like the world is trying to tell me something.the worse thing about is it started when i was young (5-6?) and i manaaged to suppress it but the drugs released a phycological animal.

i dont plan on seeking help, i know the limit of my morals n i can maintain composure to the insanity is normal for me i cant imagine life without it.

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[I remember the post you're talking about so I went back into my archive to find it and see why I would so heartlessly reject it. Having re-read, I remember that I debated for a while about whether or not to reject it. In the end I decided to do so because there were really only three, maybe four secrets there, plus some praise for me and a bit of life philosophy. Of course, what I deem an actual secret sort of varies according to my mood and sometimes based on how many submissions I have in a day. So it goes. If you want to avoid being rejected in the future, just keep in mind that there have got to be five and they have to be secrets, and you'll be fine. Thanks for reading & submitting.

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