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No glove no love!!!

1) Five secrets, is the BESt website EVER. I post on here, so much. & the sad part is, I've never said the same secret twice , I'm honestly filled with. So many secrets. So many things noone knows about me, I feel like I post on this site too much.
2) The other day. I told my mom I thought I was depressed & have anixity, she ignored me & kept drinking her beer. I never felt more hated. I wish she loved me as much as she loves my brother.
3) I think I'm the least liked in my family, I try my best & I do get bitchy, but they always expect me to do so much, all the time. It just gets so fucking old. Noone can help themseves!
4) I will no longer be a virgin on the 28th, I'm scared as fuck. The fact he might not use a condom scares me, but than again I don't want him too. I don't understand it!
5) I masurbate & feel super amazing afterwards. I can't stop laughing & smiling. Its amazing.

;Bonus; I hate my boyfriends bestfriend with a buring passion, they went out for like 3 years & she just intangizinws me! & he tells me all this shit she says to him, she always say she's would get back with him, & if I don't putout to go to her (apperently that last part was joke?) I think she still loves him, & id love to punch that ugly (she isn't even decent looking - not even jealous either. Being leegit!) Cunt in her face.

Just sayin (:

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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