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Right on, stud

1. So 2010 has been a great year because my sex life is finally happening...idk if I good at it...and I talk
A lot of shit so..hopefully I am.

2. I'm in love with my fuck buddy...but she's coming back
For more so I gotta be doing something right...RIGHT??

3. I really wanna fuck my best friend..just for the hell of it. Plus I think she's gay so whyy not?

4. I'm sooooo fucking glad I. Broke up with my ex she's fucking crazy/ bi_polar/ typical black female.and she thought
I really loved her dumb ass.

5. I don't know wtf I wanna do with my life...but swear all I seem to care about is weed $$$ and girls and that's soooo sad but fuck it !!!! I'm young and you only live once.

 * bounus # 1 I'm gonna go make a new email account so I can post it in my next Posting here...I really wanna talk and get some and I dnt wanna put my real email bc I fear someone looking up my fb. *

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: gay

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  1. hey your ex may have been crazy, but shes not a 'typical' black female. get it right.


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