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The jilted sugar baby

1. I hate Xmas is just like another regular day its not like im getting anything. But at least I have my family to enjoy with.
2. I hate going home, like right now I'm in my car debating on if I should go inside.
3. I'm just stressed I don't have a job, my insurance is due on the 22nd and my car note is due on the 25th, and my bank account is on negative, I got my class ring in the pawn shop.
4. But I guess is my own fault cuz I quit my job but I only had 5hours that week, and I've been everywhere looking for a job but no1 is hiring :(
5. I've been having sex with men for money and I only have $100 for my car note :( idk what else to do.

BONUS!6. I've been looking for a sugardaddy, I had found one and I meet him and he told me had so much to offer me so we had sex and he told I'm gonna go visit u tomorrow and he just stop texting me so I guess he just used me, I feel like shit now bcuz what am I gonna do now? I guess it was too good to be true.

7. My biggest fear is to lose it all and be poor my whole life and living in the street. I hate my life but I know I should be thankful for so many things bcuz there's ppl that have it worse than me.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: gay

[If you really want a sugar daddy, you might try I read an article about it a while back and it talked about women on there with dudes shelling out literally thousands of dollars a month, even in exclusive relationships. Craziness! I bet there aren't as many male sugar babies on there, so maybe you'll find what you're looking for. Good luck, either way I'm sure something will come up soon.

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