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Karma works in mysterious ways

1. I'm in love with my best friend... We started off "talking" even had sex but now we our just friends... All I think about is marrying her
2. Last month she called me drunk and told me she thought the letter I wrote her was sweet and thoughtful... She even told me she loved me but also said none of that would matter when she sobered up
3. 9x's out of 10 when I meet a girl all I want to do is fuck... I get bored easy but I'm afarid one day I going to miss out on the girl of my dreams doing that
4. My whore-ish ways from high school have caught up with me... I'm really a sweetheart but a lot of people still think I still ain't shit...
5. I have a warrant out for my arrest in another state and I'm going to turn my self this sunday *hopefully* I'm nervous as hell

Bouns: I know she feels some type of way for me but what's really holding her back? Is this my karma for all the girls I've done wrong?

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: gay

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