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The lucky stoner

1) I feel as if my life is a game..
everyday from wake to sleep I repeativly do the same thing as I did the day before .
2) I smoke pot every single day haha.. I'm a real fuckin stoner .. do u think being high 357/365 days of the yr qualifies me?
3) most of my friends have been arrested and put away for distribution of drugs and I barely hang out with the few REAL I have left.
4) I been arrested a few months back for underage drinking, possession. Of a unprescribed controlled medicine, Possession of marijuana ( go figure ) and disorderly conduct and out of my whole senario in cort I didn't get shit, they dropped my case b/c of my backround, grades, work life ya kno ( I'm 18) idk why they didn't give me a fine at least but in the end I was let free ha. my fuckin  boss keps tellin people I snitched someone out to get a free sentence and when I herd that I was literatly 3 feet from knockin that bitch down on her ass  .. idk were she even herd about my sentence cause I didn't tell her.
5) I haven't dated for 2 yrs now..  I have some friends with benifits and it keeps me "Real" as I like to say a "fuck a day keeps the aging away" haha although I don't feel bad about being this way cause we both get what we want ya know..

Ps .. K,this is a great site .. loads of things I had to say to get it off my chest and this does it... its like therapy really :)

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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