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1. I masterbate a few times a day. I love imagining that I'm in a rm full of strangers (all men) and they take turns fingering me and fucking me. I've been having this fantasy for years and it never gets old. (I'm 24).

2. My boyfriend is married. He owns a few clubs n that's how I met him. We have an apt together. He goes home to his wife once or twice a week. I'm not in love w him but he gives me everything I need and want. Im not dumb. I know he's not in love w me either. We just both have what the other needs. It works for us.

3. I wish that I could just pick up and move to a place where I didn't know anyone and work as a stripper. That's another big fantasy of mine but I know way too many people around here.

4. My boyfriend is almost 40 and he isn't that well endowed.... I wish he was bigger. We have been together for aalmost 2yrs. I've cheated on him a few times and don't feel bad. He keeps me on the side so I keep some on the side too.

5. I know that if I told my boyfriend my fantasy of being used by a bunch of men he would make it happen and it would turn him on too. He always has me dressed in skimpy outfits at home because he knows his friends look at me and want me too. Our apt is beautiful and its the afterparty spot a lot... I just would prefer strangers to use me. Not ppl I see all the time. I always get really wet when his friends look at me in my bras n panties and robes.

BONUS: I once let my boyfriend go down on me in our bathroom w the door open while his friends were over. I let him get me naked where they could see me. I never came harder in my life! :)

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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