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1)I faked a pregnancy to get back at an ex boyfriend. He was actually my ex fiance. He broke my heart and broke me, so I decided to get back at him in the biggest way I knew would break him like he did to me. He thought he was sterile and couldn't have kids, so I took advantage of that. I had all of my friends in on it. I knew the more people involved and in the know, the more believable it would be. We photoshopped sonogram pictures so they had my information on them and everything, and even got fetal heartbeats off of youtube and sent them to his phone via text messaging. I even told him the baby was a girl. He was so thrilled, though he tried to hide it, I could tell. He'd call and ask how my appointments went, everything. At "five months" I "miscarried" and he was completely damaged and broken by it. He couldn't believe that he lost his ONE chance at fatherhood and "lost his little girl" and I feel glad about that. It's been almost three years and he's still heart broken to this day.

2) I miss my other ex fiance. yes, I've been engaged twice. It's sad. I'm still in love with him, though I never once met him in person or talked to him on the phone. Our entire two year relationship was completely online.

3) I can't bring myself to completely give in to my boyfriend now, even though he's real, always around and I've actually met him and talked to him on the phone. I love him and he's in love with me, but it scares me how much he loves me. I can't believe that a person could really love me unconditionally when my own parents and family didn't.

4) I haven't told my boyfiend the truth about the pregnancy I faked. he thinks that I was really prengnat back then. He met me "just after I miscarried". I won't ever tell him that I faked it. I don't want to lost him. It's the secret that I will take to the grave with me.

5) My mom is married to the man that used to sexually molest and physically abuse me. She refuses to believe me, but it's completely true. No one knows what he did to me, except my family, her, and God. I'm trying to find out where he works, because as soon as I do, I'm writting a letter to his boss, telling his boss EVERYTHING. He ruined my life. I can't love poeple, or even have sexual relationships because of him. It's time he payed for it.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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