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Rehab vacation

1. I am 42 and only slept with three guys intentionally. I dated all over 6 months before sleeping with them.
2. I went to rehab for a vacation because my husband is mean and nothing is ever his fault. They tried to send me home as I am not an addict. I am blamed for his finacial distruction although I did nothing. He was voice taped  cursing his employees and fired. I warned him. No one called and not one person offered him help or support finding a job. three months later, the new job paid 1/3 of his normal salary and we lost EVERYTHING!!!!!
3. I was drugged and raped by four young boys. I fell apart. I thought it was my fault for leaving three months and having a breast implant I just needed to get away. my only vacation in 13 years after raising three boys. My husband punishes me in bed when I choose to sleep next to him. He makes me do and say things that bring on VERY bad memories.
4. I take my children's adhd meds they need to pass school with and end up making our family suffer so I can stay awake and not dream about the rape.  My husband hates me and wants to kill my sisters whom I miss, but I chose to stay in a verbally abusive relationship and everyone abandoned me. I am so lonely.
5. I have stolen pills from so many houses.. everyone knows. But mostly to drug my husband's drinks so he will sleep and leave me alone. I have never done illegal drugs or meth, as all think. I starve myself and pick scabs because it's a release for the pain I feel. I am bulemic and no one knows. I got a DUI

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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