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Unsafe sexting

One. I got caught sexting a twenty year old. (I'm fourteen). We only sent a few pictures before I went to bed. That night my mom found out my twin brother had been having Sexand decided to check on me too. She found thee pictures and turned him into the police.  Only about four of my close family know, none of my friends.

Two. I have told her many I regret it and that I don't know what I was thinking but I only really regret getting and never actually getting to have sex with him.

Three. I think I might be depressed. I pretend to be happy but it's getting harder. My parents got divorced a year ago, my brother has major anger issues, I play an average of 6 games of basketball a week, and on weekends(even weekdays since Christmas break) I can sleep around 12 to 14 hours a day. Pretty sure that's not healthy.

Four. I've only had sex with one guy and it wasn't even that great but I miss it. I'm constantly horny and wish I could find a good guy to do it with that wouldn't tell the whole school. It's very preppy and if anyone found out about the sex or about guy from number one I'd be known as the school whore.  

Five. I want to quit playing basketball. I'm a freshman on the varsity team and I do play quite a bit but it's too much. Every week I have two freshman games, two jv, and two varsity. On ocassion I have three jv and varsity. I used to love but now I hate my coach I have and I have no life. A lot if people don't realize how much you like your coach has to do with every thing.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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