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$74 in secrets

awhile ago my guy calls n told me some good pot,as always, and i told him ill get some.he tells me after that he has coke and i hesitated aboot it and told him i dont touch that anymore cause it hasnt came around.he offered me some for $20.I chuckled and told him "sure".He said he will call cuz he was away,but he never did and im glad for the reason that i had crazy fuck fun with that and the drug that told me that i was addicted to it.rick james is right,but i had my time.

i was 17 wen i lost m virginity,my gf was not a virgin and she was more exp. then one point she asked me if i really was a virgin and i assured her.later on she would ask again and told me da reason was cause i was "good" da first time and would always liked when i kissed her cause was "amazing".i never had sex b4 her and i never kissed a girl passionately b4 her either.hell i never had a gf till then,which never bothered fed my ego which was deflated,haha.

i write too much so here is a short one.i saw a friend hit his gf.i tried to stop it,he said no.i got bad.he n i left.broke up 4 back 2gether bout 2 weeks later.i smiled.

my day back from vacay was good.i saw the sunset above the horizon coming back and it inspired me sooo fam missed me and as did i n the ride back home was joyful.the night was going great and wen we went off 2 bed i went dwnstairs to get something when da fone rang n i picked up and all i heard was "i got bad news".my mom picked up simultaneously n she knew what that meant right grandma passed away...the night was spent in grief.i became a diff person from da vacation n the sunset solidified it.

this is the most personal i got in writing secrets,i leave clues around (icraveattn?) but i doubt i got friends who reads this as much as i do ,but they do go on once in a while.i wish i could tell them these things i wrote and among other times i submitted,but im too timid n quiet.i rarely tell ppl about whats going on in my life,hence  mundane shit to some is secrets to me.sorry this isnt a secret but i rather have $74 now in secrets then $52.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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