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Hi All --

Either there is a major outbreak of teenage girls who have been recently mislead/lead on/dumped by some guy who went back to his ex, or someone has posted essentially the same entry something like five times in the last two days. Heartbroken girl: please stop. Five Secrets does not post immediately because I don't want this to be just another unmoderated site that has a bunch of boring repetitive crap on it and I have a real job, so it takes 48 hours for new posts to appear on the site/apps.

If this was somehow not the same person posting over and over again about the same stuff: Sorry, all except the first post along this theme were rejected, as will any others that show up in the next couple of days (and maybe forever depending on my mood). I'm glad there have been more posts lately, but it also means a lot more all-but-completely-unpaid work for me and I can't think up five titles for the same secrets. Dig a little deeper next time.


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  1. Go K!! U tell 'em :-) and Happy New Year!


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