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Another day older and deeper in debt

1) I own a nice house in an expensive area, have a summer home and drive a nice car but my financial situation has gone down and I get deeper in debt each day.
2) I own the summer home with my ex wife and we don't want to sell it because our kids enjoy it so much. Selling it would not put any extra money in my pocket anyway at this time.
3) People are always trying to set me up with women but since I am not financially secure I don't want to start anything. Beside, I can't afford to take them out to nice placeas that often. How many times can I do the coffee, movies, pizza shut?
4) I would never kill myself because of what it would do to my family but I wish I would just get killed quickly and painlessly or just go to sleep and not wake up.
5) I get pissed at reading posts where young kids talk about committing suicide. Give me a fucking break. You have your while life ahead of you and your problems are mostly bullshit or will work themselves out eventually. When you've lived to my age and life is shit with no way out, then maybe you can talk the talk. Until then, just suck it up crybabies.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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