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1. I feel like the worst person.. I'm just a fuck up because that's all I do.. I fucked up my relationship.. and now I'm paying for it.

2. There is nothing more than I want to be happy with my boyfriend... but he's not happy.

3. Im barely able to put a fake smile on.. because it hurts so bad.. he doesn't want  to be with me and it hurts worse than when my dad died.

4. I  would like to crawl under a rock and never come out... I'm a cutter and I don't eat because I'm 5'6 and 130lbs and I feel so fat.

5. I can't do anything right.. I can't kill myself right because sadly to say I'm still here.. what are you supposed to do when everyone around you hates you?!?

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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