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Bitten by the love bug

1. I'm 33 and I fell in deep love with a married man who will have his first baby soon. He loves his wife and he deeply fell in love with me too.

2. He's 40, he's a confirmed great musician and painter and I feel so good by his side. We share the same passions, we love the same things, we love each other but it's very very painful as that's an impossible love. He'll never leave his wife and I don't ask him that anyway.
3. We see each other everyday, and we write long emails through the day... we can't help meeting everyday, even if it's just for 5 minutes. He took a train yesterday just to spend 15 minutes with me...
4. Nothing has happened between us, not even a kiss. As it seems impossible to us to stop seeing each other (and we take the same train to go to work), we've decided we'd become the best friend ever. But i'm scared we'll never be able to go past our deep love and have to avoid each other to stop this strange relationship. I'm so in love I'm scared I'll end up mosing him for good...
5. He's the first man since my ex, who left me for another woman a year and a half ago, who makes me feel so good and who made me fall in love. I can't even explain how it feels. But I just can't eat, nor sleep anymore... x

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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