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Hi All --

Today, I got this post:

i submitted a few days ago and they never went up. Its alright cuz I saw one that was similar u probably thought it was the same person or something well anyways.

1 nobody knows how much I luv music seems the only thing that calms me

2 cant stand my family let alone friends

3 just want to move to a remote island

4 I always fall to peer pressure

5 looking back I know I was just used

I am posting it now only because I think it is a good example of the kind of post that is likely to get rejected, especially when the site is busy. Why? Because there is nothing there to latch on to -- there is no detail at all. It could have been submitted by literally anyone, and describes the feelings of pretty much every high schooler in the United States. I don't really know if this sort of thing can even be classified as secrets and have never completely made up my mind on the subject, so sometimes posts like this go up and sometimes they don't. At best it's just talking about feelings that MAY be hidden from other people, but that's not the same as a secret. Usually the fate of this type of post depends entirely on whether I can think of anything resembling an interesting title and how busy the site has been. However, if the site were always busy, this kind of post would always be rejected. Sorry. I don't want to reject anything but at the same time, I want five secrets to contain interesting, quality content and this is not that. The whole point of five secrets is to give readers a glimpse into the depths of another person's mind and perspective on life. So I said it last week and I'll say it again -- dig a little deeper.


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  1. K, you say these 5 'secrets' describes the feelings of every high schooler, well, I've been out of high school for several decades, and I can attest that they also describe my feelings and I'm sure 95% of every human being.

    BTW, great site, I'm sure one day you'll get rich from it. When that day comes, be sure to give me a call. Hopefully I'll be able to overlook your youth.


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