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Fear of regret is a lousy reason to stay

1) I love my girlfriend and have been with her for almost four years but I have cheated on her so many times. I have had sex with 7 girls since I've been with her and made out with over 25.

2) Every once in a while she will hear about something I've done or someone will tell her I've cheated on her but there is never enough proof for her to leave me. These little leaks have caused so much damage to our relationship that I dont know if we'll ever be able to be happy. My mind tells me that our relationship is damaged beyond repair but my heart won't let me leave her and she wont leave me either.

3) She doesn't trust me at all and I believe that you cant have a relationship without trust. So Im stuck in an un comfortable place I dont even want to be in a relationship because Im addicted to sex and dont want to be with just one girl. I like being able to go out whenever I want and live my life the way I want to. I dont want to be tied down. Im too young (20). A part of me tells me to leave her because Im only hurting her and I can never be faithful but the other half of me knows I'll regret letting her go and it wouldnt be worth it. So I dont know what to do..

4) She let her friend move in with us because her friend got kicked out of her mom's house. Her friend has a baby. So without asking me she just moved a girl (that I cant stand) and her baby into my house. It pisses me of to walk into my living room and see baby toys and bottles and shit all over the place.

5) I made a mistake at work that really fucked up my relationship with my bosses and may eventually lead to me being demoted or losing my job..

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. You're 20. You guys are really young. Your life is just starting. You should definitely take the time to reassess your life and relationships. It may be best for all parties to just break up and have a go at life, be free and on your own for awhile. Get out, really figure out what you're looking for in a partner. Cheating on her or anyone is not cool. But whatever you do, always make sure you use protection..otherwise that baby that you don't like living with you now, could be yours. Good luck.


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