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Burning desires

I come on this site every day and read it, but the thing that surprises me the most is the large amount of bisexual girls on here. I am only surprised because there are so little bi girls where I am and I am dying for a relationship!!!

Every time my best friend acts like she's into me I still get butterflies in my stomach

I would love to get high and be drunk, even just once, so I can understand why people do it but That will never happen because that's how my cutting started, really

I wear a Rainbow bracelet on my right wrist that I made myself. It's on that wrist so people won't see the scars on my right one and I wear it in hope to be approached by an LGBTQ or an LGBTQ ally. I don't think it's big enough though so I might buy one

I work at a Sushi Place and we sell hot Dimsims. I always complain about burning my fingertips but the truth is I purposely do it sometimes, when I'm feeling down. I haven't cut in ages but I guess burning is taking it's place now because today I sat with a lighter in my hand for an hour daring myself to burn my arm.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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