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High school best friends kind of suck

1. I panic a lot. I'm actually really nervous posting on here even though I have before. Not really a secret but I only have four at the moment.
2. I have really weird mood swings. People will try to talk to me, even just a 'Hello' I get so aggravated. I tried to tell my mom about it last year but she laughed it off. It's gotten really bad and I just want it to stop, I don't know what's wrong with me.
3. One of my many new years resolutions is to be more out going. I feel like I'm always in this cage and there's no way out.
4. My best friend calls me a fat ass when I know for a fact.I'm not but she emotionally abuses me and all she ever wants to talk about is her and I'm so sick of it! But for some reason I let her walk all over me.
5. My ex best friend made out with my ex boyfriend the night we started going out and we were still friends. She doesn't know I know.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: n/a

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