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Calling all huge nerds

1. I want a best friend that understands me. I used to have two best friends that felt I couldn't live with out. But one found comfort in drugs, The other just didn't wanna be friends anymore out of no where, and that hurt more than I could ever admit. I'm not afraid to be alone, I actually prefer it.

2. I'm moving to a different state in a few months before school ends and I'm terrified because I'm socially awkward. I'm quiet and I like to observe people. Just having happy people around me makes me happy but I don't think they get it.
3. I'm curious about the same sex but would never try anything.
4. My mom bestfriends mom therefore I never get to go over there but yet she can come over to my house. It bugs me because she basically banned me from where she lives and I can't even go downtown with her.
5. My life is boring and I'm not afraid to admit that but since I'm the only girl out of four kids I'm spoiled to no ends. I like talking about my self and I think I might be a bit mental in the head. I also think I'm turning into a pathological liar.
BONUS:I get really weird around guys. I don't want a guy that plays games. And if I'm being honest I want a huge nerd, all the guys I talk to try to spit game and I find that a huge turn off. And since I know half of them I know their complete man whores.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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