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The cupboards are bare

1. The guy I cheated on my husband with is my best friend. Unfortunately, I don't even want to look at his face anymore. I hate what I did with him and I regret that I did it all because of a fight I had with my husband. But I can't stop being his best friend. He's just apart of my life like that.

2. My husband has been getting alot more stubborn and testy lately and honestly I think its because he's realizing he can't live like he use to. Money wise. I think he's finding it hard that he has to support two people now. I've asked him but he said he knows what he got into. We're just having a hard time right now but seriously? He restricted me from going to the store to put food in our house.

3. My husband has never made me orgasm. Ever. I orgasmed once when he was fucking me but I had a vibrater on my clit. I really want to orgasm without self-doing.

4. I'm losing intrest in my career choice. The most of my family is in this career so I feel obligated to do it. I honestly want more in my life than this but I don't know what yet.

5. My husband and best friend are both next to me right now.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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