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The perfect couple

1. I like being dry-humped when I make out with guys...but my bf just doesn't seem to get that.
2. I cheated on my bf twice over the summer...and I think he cheated on me too :/ Aren't we the perfect couple?
3. I know my bf still has feelings for his xgf...he knows I know but he denies it to this day. I just wish he'd come out and tell me. Seriously. I can't stand hearing him talk about her all the time.
4. I hate the way my body looks...I know everyone thinks I'm so confident but every night I cry myself to sleep because I know I'll never be good enough...not for him, not for anyone...
5. I want to run away just to see if anyone would notice...if anyone would care...I don't even think I'd mind someone kidnapping me...any takers? Didn't think so...

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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