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A pretty good guy

1. The mother of my daughter has put me through hell for the past 4 years. She's lied,cheated, and a few times attacked me in my sleep (put me in the hospital once). I played football and lax in hs and I am literally twice her size so when I called the cops last time ~ I went to jail. She took my baby and was hooking up with some stranger that same nite. I've been through this before and playing by the rules is getting me nowhere. She has a personality disorder of which I've been researching for some time now. I think I could push her to suicide....

2. I'm not a genius, but more intelligent than average and much more intelligent than my ex,her disgusting wt mother, and the 7 men I have found out my ex had slept with (in front of my daughter). I plan on getting my daughter back and ruining every one of their lives. Ill prolly wait a while to get the other guys back - never see it coming.

3. I used to be such a happy person until I met the the most beautiful woman I had ever met....on the out side. On the inside....pure evil. The kind that would make up for not doing anything all day by giving you the most amazing blowjob. Wasn't that bad until I was finding out I was usually the 2nd or 3rd of the day. While our infant would cry in her swing "mommy" would either be looking for local men on dating sites to come over for a quickie, or having a web cam session and put on a show for strangers. After I found this out I put a recorder on her pc. From now on every new bf she meets will get a "greatest hits" sent to them to show how big of a whore she is.

4. Instead of wasting time fighting for custody, I will prolly just move to another stae so she can never see our daughter again.

5. There is no 5, other than that I'm a pretty good guy ;)

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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